Rock the Tribes is a limited company committed to producing  film and curatorial projects from all around the world. An exchange of cultures to educate, cultivate and inspire:

“We are to see things differently and aspire towards obscurity. To maintain a curiosity and engage a sense of knowing that what we’ve fashioned has made a difference”

Our aim is to bring film, moving image and cultural curation to a wider global audience making integration between commercial fields and isolated creativity more accessible.

Based on the principles of communication ‘Rock the Tribes’ produces projects challenging new perceptions and opinions. Igniting the potential ‘image’ has in a constantly changing landscape. We aim to specialise in films which focus on the human condition, human values and human experience with an integrity to the surrounding world in which they’re placed.

To establish conditions within which the right to self- expression and freedom of creativity can be honoured.
Focusing on regions, society and the relationship of creatives making an active contribution towards their world.
Partnering commercial success with creativity in societies of economic or financial decline.
To raise awareness of social progress through creativity.