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ROCK THE TRIBES™ is founded by Louise Leverett.

‘Louise is a brilliant creative talent who, despite her youth, exhibits a profound ability to communicate, as well as inspire the audience through her beautiful film and video’  - Mary Keane Dawson, Digital Entrepreneur and CEO of MyHealthPal.

New York Times’ Best-Selling Author of ‘The Dress’ Kate Kerrigan – “I thoroughly enjoyed working with Louise Leverett on the films for my novel The Dress. Aside from being a diligent professional, Louise has that rare talent of being able to use her creativity within a tight brief. Her ideas are original and inspired. I look forward to the next opportunity to harness her filmmaking gift – although I doubt I’ll still be able to afford her!”

‘Rock the Tribes is a motion picture production company providing innovative film and digital content to brands, artists and businesses.

 From budgeting to casting to completion, we manage all aspects of film production to enhance and distinguish excellence for our clients. We believe film is one of the strongest platforms for ideas and communication and by working closely with our trusted production teams, we can realise the high-specifications needed to connect with your consumer audience’

This is everything we are. This is everything we can be…

Rock the Tribes is a Private Limited Company.