Tierney Gearon is an American photographer currently based in Los Angeles. Born in September 1963, Atlanta Georgia, she originally trained in the creative art of ballet in Utah. It was only after being scouted for modeling which led to many years travelling the world on various projects as a model. It was during this time that Gearon’s own interest in photography grew.

Her work as a fashion photographer took prominence following a brief stay in Paris. By 2001 her work had achieved great acclaim particularly when her work was exhibited at the Saatchi gallery after attracting the attention of Charles Saatchi. Although targeted by public scrutiny her exhibition ‘I am camera’ gained critical and public success. Through the subsequent works ‘The Mother Project’ and ‘Daddy Where Are You’ we are given an intimate look into the artists’ life which offer’s an honest and intimate portrayal of family and the often emotional stages which each family will inevitably face.

Her most recent work is titled ‘Hollywood Heroines’ for The New York Times and features thirteen Oscar recognized women: Elle Fanning, Naomi Watts, Amy Adams, Kiera Knightley, Quvenzhane Wallis, Kerry Washington, Helen Hunt, Shirley Maclaine, Rebel Wilson, Anne Hathaway , Marion Cotillard , Emmanuelle Riva, Jennifer Lawrence.

Here Louise Leverett chats to Tierney about her creatvity, her world and the process of her creative work within this.

LL: I’m wondering at what point your life did you decide that you wanted to be an artist? Can you pinpoint it?

TG: Being an artist is not something I have decided it is just something I am. I have always been a creative person. I never thought I would become an artist or even get into an art school.

LL: But has there been a person or particular influence on you which has made an impact on your creativity?

TG: Different art directors helped a lot. But paying just attention to the great opportunities are probably what has helped me the most. Travelling, being with my children, photographing what is in front of me instead of searching for something to do something that is not me. We all have our own life stories.

LL: Do you use music as a point of reference for your work and if so, what pieces inspire you most?

TG: Not really.

LL: What scares you as an artist in the world today?

TG: Nothing scares me as an artist.

LL: Is there another culture in particular which your curiosity is drawn to?

TG: I love travelling and observing different cultures.

LL: How does your own culture or place in the world influence you and your work?

TG: Being around my friends and family is what stimulates me. Just living and doing things with them. I love being around creative people. I say no to very little. I love adventures. I do not do any drugs or alcohol. I try to be a good person, kind to others and take care of myself. Whenever I find something interesting I collect it. I never know when I will need it for a project. Doing all sorts of projects make me discover new things. One thing leads to another. I always try and push myself further…

LL: As an artist, what terrifies you?

TG: Nothing.

LL: And finally, If you are the centre of your world, what makes your world turn?

TG: My friends, my family, my life.