In 2006 he created La Blogotheque’s popular videos ‘The Takeaway Shows’ with Christophe ‘Chryde’ Abric. Shooting over 200 videos in 4 years with bands like Beirut, Bon Iver and Arcade Fire. Together they inspired a new generation of young film makers and as The New York Times said, defined a new approach to the music video.

Traveling in Chile, Argentina, Cambodia, Egypt, Poland, Iceland, Brazil, Colombia, Turkey, Sardinia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, the Philippines, Croatia, and Ethiopia for the Collection Petites Planètes since 2010, he is now making films about the local people focusing on traditional music from all around the world. Here he chats to Louise Leverett from the Amazon where he is currently travelling with his latest project Collection Petites Planètes.


LL: At what moment in your life did you decide that you wanted to be an artist? Can you pinpoint it?

VM: I never wanted to be an artist. It just happened one night. I came back home after discovering the work of Austrian filmmaker Peter Tscherkassky and I decided to make films.

LL: You mentioned Tscherkaskky, I’m just wondering if there as has been any other person or particular influence on you which has made an impact on your creativity?

VM: Many, too many. But especially Guy Debord.

LL: And in terms of creativity what surprises you in the world today?

VM: That there is so many new possibilities, so many new experiences to have, and that too few people are really trying.

LL: You created the hugely influential Blogotheque ‘Take Away Shows’ I’m just wondering if you use music as a point of reference for your own work and if so, what pieces inspire you most?

VM: Music is everywhere, any sound is music if you can really listen. You are the one who defines what is music. Just tune your ears to the world.

LL: What scares you as an artist in the world today?

VM: I already died a few times so nothing really scares me anymore. Let’s say that I am just worried about the lack of education on new technologies in general, and how much the mass media are covering the whole world. It just makes people stupid, really stupid.

LL: You mention the coverage within the world and have travelled quite extensively within your work. Is there still another culture in particular which your curiosity is drawn to?

VM: Any culture is of interest, but especially the Brazilian one nowadays.

LL: How does your own culture or place in the world influence you and your work?

VM: I am French, even though I haven’t been living there for 5 years. So I would say that I have a specific critical relationship to things around me, constantly trying to develop an opinion on what I am living. This can be annoying sometimes.

LL: As an artist, what terrifies you?

VM: That I get asked so many times what scares me.

LL: And lastly, If you are the centre of your world, what makes your world turn?

VM: Insatiable curiosity, as if I was 5 years old.