A curatorial project in association with ‘Rock the Tribes’ ‘WasteDar’ and ‘Roots and Shoots’ Based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Exhibited at The Goethe Institute, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for World Environment Week.

Think, Eat, Save explores the environmental impact the freedom of expression can have within areas of financial and economic conflict.

Together, we recognised the importance of providing young creatives with the tools to express the changes vital to the areas economic re-growth. A sense of how they want to see the world.

Behind the seeds of the project ‘Rock the Tribes’ focused on the main fundamentals of the ways in which artistic capabilities can benefit the evolving world:

  • To establish conditions within which the right to self- expression and freedom of creativity can be honoured.
  • Focusing on regions, society and the relationship of creatives making an active contribution towards their world.
  • To maintain a communication of the arts within societies of economic or financial decline.
  • To raise awareness to social progress through creativity.

For more information or collaboration requests contact us: rockthetribes@gmail.com