'Everyday, thousands of people around the world are denied the freedom of self expression. The freedom to write, to paint, to dance, to live. The freedom to describe how you feel when you meet someone you will love. The freedom to convey the world in your way, as you see it.

ROCK THE TRIBES is dedicated to raising awareness to people who have their say in the world through creativity, in whatever form they choose. Through Rock the Tribes we can showcase our own creativity and that of others....on behalf of those who can't. Join together and form our own world, our own tribe of self-expression. Have our say in our own way. a creative free place in cyber space.... ROCK THE TRIBES.

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Watch The Sunset - 'You can watch the sunset wherever you are in the world...capture it.'

'Positive Toilet Wall Graffiti" 'Sat on the toilet in my local bar one night, and with nothing else to do, I began reading the graffiti on the back of the door. Staring at the words written in marker pen and discovering the female psyche the way an explorer would read a mapI became lost in the lines, words and drawings. There was the usual 'I hate [blank] she's a b*itch kind of graffiti, but then, through the haze of my misty eyes I focused on a statement which read: 'You are wonderful, and you look very pretty today' There it was on the back of the door, lifting my spirits and filling me with smiles to carry on into the night. Suddenly my usually mundane toilet visit was turned into a secret message time between only me and the person who wrote it. Thank you secret messenger, you really made my night xxx'

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